Monthly Archives: October 2013

This week I followed a tutorial to create a head using subdivs. The tutorial didn’t really go into a lot of detail for what they did, but I followed it as best as I could. When I first started the mesh/object got really messed up and complex, but then I just started over. I was able to make a nose in my head but then the mesh went weird again.

SD Head  Head


For this week I don’t have too much to post. I followed a tutorial to create a a jug like object (similar to a laundry detergent one), using subdivs. For the tutorial there wasn’t any major problems except for the fact that it didn’t  fully explain what it did for some steps; it just said to make it look like it was in the picture and it was sometimes a little difficult to match up with the picture. Plus when it said to select the curve you make and certain faces and extrude to make the handle, it didn’t really work out the way it was suppose to when I did it.

This week I followed a few short tutorials that extrusion of subdiv shapes and shaping them. I learned that when you choose vertex mode that the vertexes aren’t actually on the object like in polygon mode. Also that you can change the display level for the vertexes, it changes how the vertexes will be displayed. You can change the number from 0-13 and the higher the number the finer the vertexes will be displayed on your object. The first pictures shows how the vertexes look on subdiv shapes and the second picture shows the rendered image.