This week I followed a couple of tutorials that explained the nurbs surfaces loft and the birail tool. The loft tool allows you to select two curves and lets you create a a face between the curves in the shape of the curves. Editing the shape of the EPs/CVs changes the shape of the lofted face. I knew a little bit about nurbs surfaces loft from from previous tutorials but from the one I just watched I learned more useful tips about the tool that I did not already now. In the other tutorial I watched it showed how to use the birail tool. With the birail tool 1 (depending on which birail you choose depends on  how many curves you have to select) you select a profile curve and two rail curve and it create a face there. I find the birail tool can be useful but you have to make sure that all the points of your curves and snapped together or the birail too won’t work. The first picture is of the nurbs surfaces loft and the second ones are two different views of the birail.

Lofting Birail Tool 2 Birail Tool 1