This week I followed a tutorial that showed how to model a TV using various tools and techniques. The tutorial had numerous steps and I learned a number of things from it. From the tutorial I learned: 

    • about using hull mode
    • how to using and insert isoparms
    • CV shaping techniques

Adding an isoparm isn’t really that hard. All you have to do is click and drag on an edge for where you want it, then go to Edit NURBS -> Insert Isoparms. Isoparms help with shaping nurbs objects. Hull mode is useful in shaping nurbs objects. It is also useful to use after inserting isoparms since the isoparms create hulls for helping with shaping. There are a couple of CV shaping techniques that I didn’t know before. Like for example, scaling CVs affects the shape of the nurb object.

My TV didn’t end up looking the same as the one in the tutorial because I messed up some how on the font of it, and I’m not sure how. Plus the stand part isn’t too good because I didn’t make the curve that well. I think it turned out look good for being my first “actual” nurb object that I created. Below are some pictures of my progress and a final render.