This week I started on my final part for self directed since next week is March Break. The final thing that I am modeling is a flower using all the stuff that I learned about nurbs. So far the flower is going good, but there has been some small little problems. At first after I drew the shape of the leaf with the CV curve tool, I couldn’t figure out with how to fill it with surface patches (similar to polygon faces – in a way). I figured out how to do it and to do it you have to go to Surfaces –> Planar. When I first tried it, it didn’t work and I thought I was using the planar tool wrong. The reason why it wasn’t was because the curve shape wasn’t closed. To join CVs together go you have to go to Edit Curves –> Open/Close Curves and if you choose Ignore like in the picture:


then the CVs will close the curve (and be “merged” just like how vertices get merged). 

So far I have modeled the flower stem, one basic petal shape, the start of the pollen center and a leaf. Below are a few pictures of progress mesh and a render of what the objects look like so far.