This week I continued more on my flower. This week I wasn’t working on the actual flower, I was modeling the flower pot for the flower. The flower pot wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be to model (probably because I was thinking polygons when I thought about making it) and it was kind of annoying. At first the CVs weren’t shaping a little the way I wanted the flower pot to be shaped, but I manged to fix it. For the bottom of the flower pot for the part the has a hole in it, it was annoying to figure out how to create the hole using nurbs. Using Edit Nurbs –> Booleans doesn’t work according to what I found online, evn thought the option apparently is available.


Figuring out how to create the hole, along with how to use the trim and project surface curve was time consuming but I did figure out how to create the hole using the trim tool. I tried to attach the bottom part of the flower pot to the rest of it using attach surfaces but it wasn’t working which was annoying. Below are a couple of pictures of progress and a render of what everything looks like so far.