More Nurbs

This week I followed a couple of tutorials that showed more basic stuff about modeling in Nurbs. I learned about about that extruding a nurbs circle and curve will create a tube like object. I also learned about the different ways to make the extrusion follow on the curve. In one of the tutorials it showed a really fast and easy way to created a egg shape using a sphere. Also I found out that nurb shapes are already in smooth preview and if you press 1 then it will be unsmoothed. The pictures below show the shapes rendered out and in Maya. (the egg was more than one color, I just don’t kn ow what happened to it when it got rendered.)



New Semester – Nurbs!

For self directed this semester, I am learning how to model in Maya using nurbs. I looked at a couple of tutorials that showed how to use the basic nurb curve tools. The tutorials went over how to use the arc tools, CV curve tool, EP curve tool and the pencil curve tool. Before I didn’t know that what some of these tools did and I find them useful, like the pencil curve tool. I also learned that if you edit points of a EV curve, the object created using the EV curve shape will be changed which I thought was interesting. In the images are a glass I created using the EP curve tool and and object created from lofting three EP curves.

Nurb Curves


End of Cat

The week I finished the cat as well as I could. For some reason whenever I changed the smooth preview, it didn’t let me move vertices or faces for some reason. When I tried to extrude part of the body to create the neck, it didn’t work even if I deleted the prefs, so the cat doesn’t have a neck. Below in the rendered images is the full body and close ups on the tail and front and back paws (textured). The front paws didn’t turn out for some reason, because when I extruded the legs to make the paw, it kind of went weird. From doing this I learned that even though subdivs are good for creating smoother shapes, but I think I’ll stick with polygons since they’re easier.


More of Cat

This week I continued with modeling the cat. I modeled the tail and started modeling the head and the the ears. So far I have the basic shape of the ear modeled and it’s starting to look like a cat ear. I found out that for subdiv shapes in polygon proxy mode, when you insert edge loops it affects the shape of the subdiv objects. The pictures below show how the cat looks currently in Maya and rendered out.


Start of Cat

This week I started on my final part of subdivs, which is modeling an animal. The animal I decided to model is a cat since it seems interesting and not too complex to model. I just started modelling the body and so far there is no problems. The pictures below show how the body looks so far in Maya and rendered out.



Subdiv Head

This week I followed a tutorial to create a head using subdivs. The tutorial didn’t really go into a lot of detail for what they did, but I followed it as best as I could. When I first started the mesh/object got really messed up and complex, but then I just started over. I was able to make a nose in my head but then the mesh went weird again.

SD Head  Head


For this week I don’t have too much to post. I followed a tutorial to create a a jug like object (similar to a laundry detergent one), using subdivs. For the tutorial there wasn’t any major problems except for the fact that it didn’t  fully explain what it did for some steps; it just said to make it look like it was in the picture and it was sometimes a little difficult to match up with the picture. Plus when it said to select the curve you make and certain faces and extrude to make the handle, it didn’t really work out the way it was suppose to when I did it.